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Our Focus

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.


Study Genealogy are focused on education within genealogy. We offer webinars and speeches.


Liv Marit Haakenstad has a Master in non-fiction writing, and could offer articles and books.


We have for a long time been assisting lawyers and companies with heir research.


Study Genealogy offers research and advice on Norwegian genealogy to genealogists.


About Us

Liv Marit Haakenstad is an Accredited Genealogist® (AG®), and an Accredited Genealogist Lecturer™ (AGL™) from The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists in Norwegian Genealogy. She has written several books on Norwegian genealogy and emigration and has written dozens of articles on computers & genealogy, Norwegian emigration, genealogy, and genealogy technology. Haakenstad owns the company Genit AS. More information.

A Guide to Norwegian Genealogy, Emigration, and Transmigration

The BIBLE of Norwegian Genealogy Research!” – Deb

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What People Say About Us

I have been trying to research our Norwegian relatives for my family over the past year and found it extremely difficult to do on my own not understanding Norwegian or knowing where to find the information. I was lucky to find Liv on a professional genealogy website. When searching for a genealogist, I found Liv was highly recommended by many of her colleagues. Working with her I found her to be a true professional genealogist, researcher and very hard working. She has uncovered information and facts on our family that we could have never found. I would highly recommend Liv to anyone who wants to explore their Norwegian ancestry. Liv has given us a gift that will last generations. Thank you Liv!

Lorri, AustraliaJune 2021

“The result of her work was presented in a very clear and user-friendly way, with an overview of ancestral lines as well as detailed information about each person. Her work comes across as solid and very professional. I can, without hesitation, recommend Liv Marit as an expert in genealogy.” 

From USCustomer

Speeches & Webinars

We are focused on content and quality. Examples of subjects:

Norwegian Genealogy – beginner

How to start Norwegian Genealogy research. Where to find basic sources, and how to combine the sources.

Norwegian Genealogy – advance

Learn more about Norwegian Genealogy research. Where to find additional sources, and what they contain.

Search The Digital Archive

How to search the Norwegian Digital Archive? How to find the information you are searching for? 1-6 hours available.

Transmigration through Great Britain

From Europe, many million people emigrated via Liverpool and other ports in UK. Learn about routes and sources to trace the emigrants.

Ships, Lines and Agents – before the journey begins

The Emigrant Ships was mainly owned by a shipping company, and they had a big network. You could use the information about them to trace your ancestor.

Just dry facts? Write a good family history

How to make mini-biographies about your relatives. Learn how to extract facts from a person’s timeline and turn it into a good story. 

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We have written a book about Norwegian Genealogy. It is in translation.


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