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How are we related?

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I have attended several RootsTech, and the RootsTech App has allowed us to find relatives among attendees. RootsTech Virtual 2021 doesn’t use the RootsTech App, but you could download the app Family Tree from App Store or Google Play. Log… Read More »How are we related?

County Histories

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In the US, you might find a county history book from the area where your ancestors settled. Ancestral Findings have a podcast about the topic. And on their website, they say:  County history books are usually excellent genealogical resources. They… Read More »County Histories

Facebook group

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We have started a Facebook group called Norwegian Genealogy Study Group. Here is what we wrote about the group: “This group is a place to learn more about Norwegian Genealogy. We will not necessarily find your ancestors, but guide you… Read More »Facebook group

Wooden headstones at Sødorp kapell, Vinstra. Photo: ©Liv Marit Haakenstad, 2009.

Wooden headstones

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Headstones have for hundreds of years been a way to honor our ancestors. They come in different shapes and forms, depending on where and when. In Valdres and Gudbrandsdalen, we have found wooden headstones. They were, according to Lokalhistoriskwiki.no, most… Read More »Wooden headstones

New searchable records

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In 2017, the National Archives of Norway cooperated with Ancestry, MyHeritage and FamilySearch on a pilot project of transcribing Norwegian records. These partners have worked with the National Archives and have invested a great deal of time and resources making… Read More »New searchable records