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Presentations, US fall 2022

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Please join me for some speeches this fall. – 24 August 2022, 6 pm – “A Guide to Norwegian Genealogy, Emigration and Transmigration”, Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, WA– 6 September 2022, 7 pm – “How to find clues in US and Norwegian sources –… Read More »Presentations, US fall 2022

Book presentation

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“A Guide to Norwegian Genealogy, Emigration, and Transmigration” will first be presented at the National Nordic Museum in Seattle, WA on August 24, 2022. Several other speeches will follow in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Read more about the book.

Relatives at RootsTech

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RootsTech 2022 comes with a useful tool called Relatives at RootsTech. You will have to create a family tree at FamilySearch.org or upload a GEDCOM-fil. If you already have a tree, it could easily be extended from a GEDCOM file,… Read More »Relatives at RootsTech

Address books

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For some areas in Norway, you will find address books (adressebøker) – the first one published in 1838 for Christiania (Oslo), but they were not published every year.[1] These books were based on those who paid the tax, so you will… Read More »Address books

How are we related?

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I have attended several RootsTech, and the RootsTech App has allowed us to find relatives among attendees. RootsTech Virtual 2021 doesn’t use the RootsTech App, but you could download the app Family Tree from App Store or Google Play. Log… Read More »How are we related?

County Histories

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In the US, you might find a county history book from the area where your ancestors settled. Ancestral Findings have a podcast about the topic. And on their website, they say:  County history books are usually excellent genealogical resources. They… Read More »County Histories